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The Fifth Day of the 2018 HITWH International Summer School on Land-Sky-Ocean
Author: 佚名 | release date: 2018-07-23 |click rate: 125

                                 July 18, 2018 | Reported by Jin Ruoqi | Translated by Guo yiqiong | Edited by Chen Xiao

On July 18th, the fifth day of the HITWH-ISSLASO 2018, international students attended a seminar on Ocean Engineering, learned paper-cutting and had a tour to Changyu Wine Culture Museum.

At 8:30 am, international students gathered at library lecture hall to attend their fifth seminar in HITWH, which was about ocean science and engineering with Weihai characteristics. During the seminar, Professor Zhou Peilin introduced related knowledge of ocean and interacted with international students.

After the seminar, participants came to the fourth floor of the library to learn paper-cutting at 10:00 am. Teachers from Weihai Paper-Cutting Society firstly introduced the origin and types of paper-cutting and some major techniques used in this traditional Chinese art work. And then some paper-cutting works were showed which won international students' great admiration, particularly the work 'Hundred Lion Map' which took the teacher eight years to have hundreds of lions collected from all over the world. With the guidance of teachers, participants also tried paper-cutting by themselves. Finally, 16 excellent works were selected by teachers, and exquisite paper-cutting works were awarded as prizes for the winners.

In the afternoon, international students visited Changyu Wine Culture Museum in Yan Tai city. Accompanied by a professional guide, international students learned more about Chinese wine culture and saw a glimpse of the development of the Chinese wine industry. After the guide's presentation, international students enjoyed some sort of wines and tasted history and culture by their tongues.

Through today's journey, participants not only acquired knowledge relevant to ocean science, but also had a greater understanding about Chinese culture. The tour to museum also made them have a greater comprehension about the Chinese industry and its heritage.