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The Third Day of the 2018 HITWH International Summer School on Land-Sky-Ocean
Author: 佚名 | release date: 2018-07-23 |click rate: 133

                            July 16, 2018| Reported by Zhou Yuyang | Translated by Wu Jiayan | Edited by Zong Xinzhu

At 8:30, foreign delegates attended Language Study 2 in the library to continue learning Chinese. In the beginning, the teacher greeted them enthusiastically in Chinese. After that, the teacher guided them to review some Pinyin and Chinese Characters and corrected the nonstandard pronunciations. All the delegates were dedicated to spell correctly. Then, the teacher taught them some sentences used in daily conversations, such as Ni Hao, Wo Shi XXX, Lai Zi XX, Hen Gao Xing Ren Shi Ni; Zhe Ge Dong Xi Duo Shao Qian; Ni Hao Piao Liang and so on. Some foreign delegates can even introduce themselves simply in Chinese!

Believed that afterwards learning Chinese to some extent, the foreign delegates have already experienced the  interesting and wonderful features of Chinese. As Chinese culture is profound and extensive, there are more mysteries waiting for them to explore!

At 10:20, they came to the indoor basketball court to practice Tai Chi. With intense time, the teachers prepared relatively simple eight moves. Two teachers firstly followed the music to perform Tai Chi. And then the delegates worked on each component of breakdown carefully.

Tai chi is a Chinese traditional martial art aiming at both self-defense training and health.  The delegates showed great interest and paid much attention to it.

After studying for nearly two hours, they have knew the Tai Chi and could practice it simply. The teachers said that the effects were excellent.

Followed the end of morning route and a short rest, the journey for afternoon began.

The delegates gathered at 13:30 to leave for Huancui Pavilion, the folk customs village and the folklore museum of Weihai, from which they fully understood the local culture.

At 5:00, they went to Huaxia City, a scenic spot in 5A. After a full morning study, they were very happy in the afternoon. At the end of route, they watched the large-scale mobile stage drama "China Legend", which made the students understand the myths and also the historical civilization of China vividly.

Experiencing an abundant and fantastic day, surely, the delegates eagerly expect for the next! Our pace is continuing! See you tomorrow!