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The Second Day of the 2018 HITWH International Summer School on Land-Sky-Ocean
Author: 佚名 | release date: 2018-07-23 |click rate: 17

                                  July 15, 2018| Reported by Shen Huilin | Translated by Cui Qiqi| Edited by Xu Fengjing

At 8:30 on July 15th, Wu Baolin, Associate Professor of Research Center of Satellite Technology (RCST) of Harbin Institute of Technology, delivered a lecture on the HIT satellite technology at the lecture hall. The lecture mainly introduced the design of Satellite Technology Research Center (RCST) and satellite system of Harbin Institute of Technology. First of all, he introduced the School of Astronautics, Harbin Institute of Technology. Then, an overview of RCST was given. Additionally, RCST's research activities, processes, future prospects and international cooperation have been discussed. Finally, the design of the satellite system was introduced, which consists of the general requirements of system engineering, the composition of satellites, the space environment and the development process of satellite technology.

        The next activity was the Language Study 1. During Language Study 1, teachers interacted actively with the foreign delegates. The teacher taught the Chinese Pinyin and the tone of each letter, which was far from simple for these foreign students. The foreign students carefully read Pinyin with teachers and tried to understand and pronounce the tones of Pinyin. After learning the phonetic alphabet, the teacher taught some everyday Chinese expressions, such as hello, thank you, goodbye, etc.  From the hard work, the foreign delegates must have gained a lot from the classes.



        Learning is important, but entertainment and relaxation are also indispensable. In the afternoon, we prepared amusing games for the foreign delegates. They were really having fun in these games.


        An enriched and wonderful day has passed. Hope every foreign delegate has enjoyed their day.