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President Xu Leads A Delegation to Visit Universities in Australia and New Zealand
Author: 佚名 | release date: 2018-07-23 |click rate: 82

          April 25, 2018 | Reported by International Office| Translated by Wu Jiayan | Edited by Chen Xiao & Xu Fengjing

During 15-21 April, Professor Xu Xiaofei, Vice President of HIT and President of HITWH, led a delegation to visit the University of Sydney, Macquarie University, the University of New South Wales, the University of Adelaide, the University of Tasmania of Australia and the University of Canterbury of New Zealand. The visit has reached a series of important cooperation agreements, consolidating and expanding the cooperation between HITWH and Australian and New Zealand universities. It is of great significance in promoting HITWH’s global layout of international exchange and cooperation, promoting the construction of the International School of Ocean Science and Engineering (HIT-ISOSE) and strengthening exchanges and cooperation among disciplines. The visit was a complete success and achieved its intended purpose.

The first stop is the University of Sydney. On April 16 morning, Prof. Kathy Belov (Vice President), Ms. Sheelagh Douglas (Executive Director of International Affairs) and Ms. Xing Jin (Dean of Confucius Institute and Director of China Affairs) met the delegation in the reception room. Prof. Kathy Belov introduced the basic situation of the university’s history, subject settings, student cultivation and scientific research. President Xu briefly introduced HIT’s status and influence, the history and the current goals and plans of HITWH, and the HIT-ISOSE. On the basis of the existing cooperation agreement, the two sides had further discussions on the expansion of cooperation in engineering majors and the publicity of HITWH’s summer school. Subsequently, the delegation visited the School of Engineering, and held a discussion with Prof. Kim Rasmussen (Dean of the School of Engineering), Prof. Tim Wilkinson (Dean of the School of Civil Engineering), Sandra Ma (Director of International Affairs) and Noah Stewart (Director of Admission). The two sides focused on conducting “2+2” joint cultivation program in engineering majors such as civil engineering and computer engineering and establishing a face-to-face scientific research mechanism between professors. At the end, the delegation went to the School of Electrical and Information Engineering and conducted a discussion on scientific research cooperation with Prof. Philip Leong, Dr. Yash Shrivastava, Dr. Noah Stewart, Dr. Melissa Yeung and Dr. Dong Yuan. President Xu suggested that HITWH and the University of Sydney hold regular exchange talks to promote the establishment of face-to-face cooperation between professors. The proposal was unanimously affirmed and responded.

On April 16 afternoon, the delegation visited Macquarie University. Ms. Nicole Brigg (Vice President), Prof. Richard de Grijs (Associate Dean of Global Engagement), and Stephen Fan (Deputy Director of China affairs) extended a warm welcome to the delegation. Ms. Nicole Brig and President Xu introduced the basic information of Macquarie University and HITWH, respectively. The two sides exchanged views on the expansion of the joint programs in engineering majors, research cooperation in the field of marine biology, and the future challenges of university development. Learning that Ms. Nicole Brig will visit HITWH in October this year, President Xu expressed his welcome. The delegation then had a talk with Prof. Barbara Messerle (Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering), Prof. Michael Sheng (Head of the Department of Computing) and Prof. Manolya Kavakli-Thorne. Prof. Barbara Messer introduced the basic information of the Faculty of Science and Engineering and Prof. Michael Sheng elaborated the scientific research of the Department of Computing. The two sides reached consensus on cooperation in marine science and computer science. After the meeting, the delegation also visited the virtual reality laboratory, sports center and library.

        On April 17, the delegation visited the University of New South Wales. Vice President Laurie Pearcey met the delegation and introduced the university. President Xu briefly introduced HIT and HITWH and showed the promotional video of HITWH. The two sides reached an agreement on “2+2” and “3+1+1” joint programs in engineering majors such as electrical and electronics and computer science. President Xu also introduced HITWH’s summer school which will be held in July this year and invited students of the University of New South Wales to participate in. The other party agreed pleasantly. Finally, President Xu had an informal talk with Chinese students studying at the University of New South Wales.


        On April 18, President Xu Xiaofei visited the University of Adelaide. Prof. Nancy Cromar, Vice President of the University of Adelaide, delivered a speech to welcome the delegation and made a brief introduction of Adelaide. President Xu introduced HIT and HITWH and expressed a warm welcome for Prof. Nancy Krome’s visiting to HITWH in July this year. Dr. Glen Stafford, Director of International Affairs, attended the meeting. Later, President Xu and Prof. Katrina Falkner (Executive Director of the School of Engineering), Prof. Wen Soong (Dean of the School of Electrical and Electronics), Prof. Anthony Dick (Dean of the School of Computer Science), Dr. Mingyu Guo (Head of International Affairs of Computer School), Prof. David Lewis (Dean of the School of Chemistry), and Prof. Jingxiu Bi (Head of International Affairs of School of Chemical Engineering), made deep exchanges about how to attract students and promote research cooperation. After the meeting, the delegation visited the School of Chemical Engineering, the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and the School of Computer Science.


        On April 19, President Xu Xiaofei and his delegation visited the University of Tasmania, Australia. Rob Atkinson, Vice President of the University of Tasmanial, extended a warm welcome for the visit and briefly introduced the University of Tasmania. Prof. Shuhong Chai, Acting Dean of the Australian Maritime Academy (AMC) made introduction of the AMC. President Xu introduced HIT and HITWH, with focus on the International Academy of Marine Science and Engineering. As the core partners of the International Academy for each other, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on attracting students, research cooperation and teacher exchanges, and reached an agreement. President Xu introduced the summer school in HITWH and invited students of the University of Tasmania to participate, who was happy to accept it. After the meeting, the delegation visited the labs for towing water tanks, ship driving simulation centers, test pools and vacuum tunnels. Before the meeting, President Xu also had an informal talk with students from HITWH studying in Tasmania.


        On April 20, the delegation visited the University of Canterbury. President Xu first signed two cooperation agreements with Dr. Rod Carr, President of the University of Canterbury. Wang Zhijian (Chinese Consul General of the South Island in New Zealand), Zhai Jianjun (Education Consul) and Dr. John Wood (Honorary President of Canterbury) attended the signing ceremony. After the signing ceremony, the delegation and Consul General Wang Zhijian watched Canterbury’s graduation ceremony. Afterwards, the delegation went to the School of Engineering, where they visited the Human Interface Technology Laboratory and SCL structural lab. They visited the School of Business and Law, where Dr. Ross James, Dean of the School of Business, briefly introduced the basic condition. When visiting the School of Science, the delegation discussed with Janet Carter, Executive Dean of the School of Science, on research collaborations in biological science and other fileds. President Xu also introduced HIT and HITWH in detail for the Canterbury University Council and elaborated on the joint program, which was unanimously acknowledged by the members of the Canterbury University Council. The delegation also visited the Art Center. The visit was a complete success.


        The members of the delegation accompanying President Xu include Prof. Zhu Chuhui (Dean of the School of Computer Science and Technology), Prof. He Guanghua (Associate Dean of the International Academy of Marine Science and Engineering), Prof. Sun Mingjian (Associate Dean of School of Information and Electrical Engineering), and Associate Prof. Dong Ke (Deputy Director of International Office).