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Professor Enrico Drioli of European Membrane Society Visits HITWH
Author: Tan Xuanyue | release date: 2018-07-23 |click rate: 87

                          March 13, 2018 | Reported by Tan Xuanyue | Translated by Guo Yiqiong | Edited by Chen Xiao

On March 12, President Xu Xiaofei, Vice President of HIT and President of HITWH, met with Professor Enrico Drioli (Honorary President of European Membrane Society), who came to Weihai to inspect the construction of the Sino-Europe Water Treatment and Membrane Technology Innovation Park. During the meeting, the two sides exchanged views on the application of membrane technology and the cooperation in relevant fields. Besides, President Xu Xiaofei engaged Professor Enrico Drioli as the Honorary Dean of Sino-Europe Membrane Technology Research Institute.

Professor Xu Xiaofei introduced the current development of HIT and its latest ranking of engineering in world universities. He elaborated on HITWH's "1-2-3-3" Guiding Principle, student cultivation, moves and achievements of international education, the construction of Innovation Park, the features of key disciplines, namely new energy and naval architecture and ocean engineering. He expressed that, in the background of developing blue economy, the application foreground of membrane technology will be wide, hoping the two sides can broaden cooperation into more fields.

Professor Enrico Drioli responded that China's economic development was really fast, and the interaction between universities at home and abroad had become closer. He put forward some constructive suggestions for the construction and the direction of future work of Sino-Europe Membrane Technology Research Institute. Professor Enrico Drioli also expressed his willingness to speed up the two sides' cooperation and further close contacts in areas like exchanges of scientific research personnel, joint student cultivation, etc.

In the course of the meeting, the two sides also had a thorough discussion concerning the exchange and cooperation of experts in the field of membrane technology, and determined an appropriate time for 2018 EU-China Workshop on the Research and Application of Membrane. Also present at the meeting were You Jinde(Under-Secretary-General of Membrane Industry Association of China), Cheng Guanwen(Researcher of Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences), Zhang Yingjie(Professor of School of Marine Science and Technology of HITWH).