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First full-time foreign expert named Sergey Bishev arrives HITWH
Author: 佚名 | release date: 2017-12-25 |click rate: 177

November 17, 2017 | Reported by Yu Changli &Zhang Yuqin | Translated by Liu Xianghong | Edited by Tang Wenlin

Recently, the first full-time foreign expert named Sergey Bishev, which was introduced to Harbin Institute of Technology, Weihai (HITWH), officially came to his position. On the morning of November 17, Professor Xu Xiaofei, vice president of Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), president of HITWH met professor Sergey at the Conference Room in the main building, where they held a meeting about the development of the intelligent navigation device of our marine subject. The representatives of School of Marine Science and Technology, and international cooperation department also participated in the talk. 

Professor Xu Xiaofei extended a warm welcome to professor Sergey, wished him a happy life and smooth wok in Weihai, and asked related departments to ensure the security of the living, working and other conditions for the foreign expert. He introduced the background and importance of the development of intelligent navigation device to professor Sergey. He also pointed out that the intelligent navigation technology of our school has formed certain research foundation already, as well as the improvement of the collaborative innovation among different subjects and abilities to tackle problems. Besides, we have already invented two autonomous underwater aircraft named "Tianwei - Experiment " and " Tianwei one aircraft ", hoping that professor Sergey can play a leading role in the development of intelligent navigation device after joining us. And then we can make a joint effort to develop more advanced intelligent navigation device as soon as possible, forming technical advantages at home and abroad on a certain level.

Professor Sergy said school teachers had led him to visit the laboratories and introduced the research team provided for him. With the ideal living standards and research conditions, he said that he would get into the work as soon as possible. Combining his research experience and original technology with our school's intelligent navigation device. He would determine the future working plan along with team members as soon as possible, and at the same time, he is making efforts to make contributions in terms of talent introduction.

Sergey Bishev is a professor of the National Academy of sciences of Ukraine, a member of Federation of technical academies of Ukraine, the director of the design department of the original Makanov national shipbuilding university, a famous expert in underwater aircraft design. He has been responsible for or participated in 24 research and development projects about underwater complicated technology and equipment. 65 technical works designed or manufactured by him were exhibited on manufacturing expo, representative achievements like "50 people submersible for underwater sightseeing ", "10 people submersible underwater sightseeing ", "60 people center for underwater recreation " and "underwater pipeline detection of AUV", and so on.