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Teachers and Students from Key Laboratory of Special Welding Technology Attend 70th IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference
Author: 佚名 | release date: 2017-07-28 |click rate: 955

July 3, 2017 | Reported by Fu Wei | Translated by Zhang Tao | Edited by Li Han

Professor Feng Jicai, Director of the Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Special Welding Technology of HITWH, attended the 70th IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference held in Shanghai between June 25 and 30 with over thirty teachers and students from the lab.

This IIW Annual Assembly was hosted by IIW and CMES (Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society) themed on “Green Welding for Effective and Reliable Manufacturing”. It was the second time to hold the grand IIW Annual Assembly in China from 1994. The six-day conference attracted more than a thousand scholars from US, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan and other countries to join in and established five topics, including Automation of Welding and Joining Process, Simulation in Welding, High Strength Materials Welding, Additive Manufacturing, and Nano/Micro Welding and Joining.

During the conference, teachers and students from Key Laboratory of Special Welding Technology took part in the Youth Experts Ice-breaking Activities. They audited the working party reports from IIW, joined in the two-day international conference and delivered the speeches in the related fields. They showed their specialties and capabilities during the process of exchanging ideas with each other. This conference not only provided a communication platform for teachers and students but also broadened their horizons.