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Professor Sri Sritharan of University of Lowa Visits HITWH
Author: 佚名 | release date: 2017-07-28 |click rate: 332

July 4, 2017 | Reported by Tan Xuanyue | Translated by Ji Xuejun | Edited by She Jiajie

On June 30, Professor Zhang Wencong, Vice President of HITWH, met Professor Sri Sritharan from the College of Engineering, University of Lowa. Both sides had an in-depth discussion on joint cultivation of students, scientific research collaboration and other areas. Professor Xu Longjun, Director of HITWH Sci-tech Development Office, and Dr. Dong Ke, Deputy Director of International Office attended the meeting.

Professor Zhang Wencong introduced the establishment background and current situation of Weihai campus as well as the achievements and progress in disciplinary construction, scientific research, international education and other aspects. He mentioned that the development goal of Weihai Campus is based on the ocean; meanwhile Professor Sri Sritharan has many technological achievements on engineering applications in marine environment about ultra-high strength concrete structure, wind resistance and other aspects. Professor Zhang hoped that both sides can carry out substantive cooperation on related fields, providing the impetus for the construction of China's offshore high-power wind farm. He also expected the in-depth cooperation with University of Lowa in joint student cultivation and faculty communications.

Professor Sri Sritharan briefly introduced the University of Lowa and his own field of research. As a top expert in the fields of structural seismic performance and prestressed structural system, he has taken charge of more than 60 scientific research projects and published more than 100 papers with high citation rates and influence on many top international journals. Professor Sri Sritharan expressed his hope to strengthen the communication with Weihai Campus and establish the cooperation relationship in student cultivation, scientific research and other aspects as soon as possible.

Professor Xu Longjun briefly introduced the basic situation, research areas and directions of the Department of Civil Engineering. After that, both sides had in-depth communication on scientific research cooperation in the relevant field. During his visit, Professor Sri Sritharan also gave a presentation to students on wind turbine tower technology of ultra-high strength concrete.