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Face-to-Face ------ an Interview with HITWH-ISSLASO 2017 Visiting Students
Author: Tan Huiping | release date: 2017-07-27 |click rate: 941

The 2nd International Summer School on Land-Sky-Ocean (HITWH-ISSLASO 2017) was held from July 14 to 19 at HITWH. During this Summer School, journalists from HITWH interviewed several foreign participants of the Summer School and brought back their fresh opinions for their own perspectives. Here are the exclusive interviews.


Journalist: How do you like China?

1. Roman Naumov (Bauman Moscow State Technology University): It’s wonderful and amazing.

2. Kim Hyein (Pusan National University): Chinese students are very very kind. And the weather here is always hot and humid.

3. Chambre de Champ: China is a very interesting country as there are many histories, cultures, traditions, attractive sites and food styles. It is very hard to explore them all out in only once.

4. Kim kangryul (Pusan National University): Cheaper than Korea and there are so many delicious food.

5. Jaronchai Jitraraksakul: China is a country that has the old culture and a lot of kind people.

6. Ying Cui (The University of Sydney): It’s great. I feel like at home in China.

7. Liudmila Igusheva (Saint-Petersburg State University): It’s different. 

Journalist: What kind of activity impressed you a lot?

1. Roman Naumov (Bauman Moscow State Technology University): Tour in Huaxia Town. It’s fabulous.

2. Anna Somkina(Bauman Moscow State Technology University): It's a great pleasure to be with all of you and to see your beautiful amazing country. The study of Chinese language is the most impressive for me.

3. Kim Hyein: Tour in Huaxia Town. I think that I can't forget this huge show for a long time.

4. Chambre de Champ: The most impressive activity is the night show at Huaxia Town. Although it was raining all time but the show still made me very impressive. It shows the Chinese history, culture and belief very well. So we can understand much more about China in the past which influenced the country to become China at the present.

5. Kim kangryul (Pusan National University): Free activity.

6. Liudmila Igusheva (Saint-Petersburg State University): Volleyball games, because I like sports.

Journalist: Could you give us some suggestions on Summer School activity?

1. Roman Naumov(Bauman Moscow State Technology University): It would be better if we could visit more labs, participate in the class where Chinese students have their class.

2. Kim Hyein: The schedule is too tight. I think that start time is too early. So many people were late... However I think that this program is a meaningful experience for students.

3. Chambre de Champ: I would not have any suggestions about the summer school. It was great: staff, volunteers and partners worked so hard even though they got some important things else to do but they still devoted the attention and private time to participate, take care and help us at any time to make us as most comfortable as possible. I would like to ask you about providing much more comfortable place to do activity. As we are many people, so some activity rooms are not comfortable enough. Especially, the air conditioned system, I think the fresh air is not enough for all of us.

4. Kim kangryul (Pusan National University): Sooooo hot really hot please set air-conditioner.

5. Liudmila Igusheva (Saint-Petersburg State University): I really appreciated that HIT gave us this chance to visit Weihai and the campus. I don’t have any suggestions. I think this activity is brilliant.


Journalist from HITWH: What have you learnt in China?

1. Roman Naumov (Bauman Moscow State Technology University):Chinese language and traditional culture. I have made new friends and improved English

2. Kim Hyein: I didn't know China well. However, I learned elementary Chinese and Chinese culture during this time. And I think that Chinese is more difficult to learn than English...

3. Ying Cui (The University of Sydney): Exchange our cultures. It’s meaningful.

The International Summer School on Land-Sky-Ocean is an important step in promoting the development of international communication at HIT, Weihai. It is dedicated to cultural communications and offering an opportunity to know each other from a global cultural perspective. It turns out to be useful to become a supportive platform for the mutual cultural exchange of Chinese and foreign students.