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The Fourth Day of the 2017 HITWH International Summer School on Land-Sky-Ocean
Author: 佚名 | release date: 2017-07-18 |click rate: 247

July 17, 2017 | By Tan Huiping | Edited by She Jiajie

On July 17th, foreign delegates enjoyed their fourth day of Summer School in Weihai. They attended a lecture on Chinese culture, shared their own country’s culture with each other and played beach volleyball.

At 8:30a.m., foreign delegates accompanied by Chinese volunteers, gathered at the University Student Activity Center, learning about Chinese culture. The lecture was given by Professor Yan Yingjun. It Began with Chinese folk stories, Ms. Yan taught foreign delegates traditional Chinese culture, like Taoism, Buddhism, diverse national culture, etc. She emphasized the influence of  Yin-Yang and the Five Elements and the impact of ancient Chinese philosophy on China’s architecture, food culture, color use etc.  

“What impressed me is the Yin-Yang and Five Elements. We could judge the social status according to the colors used in roofing architecture. We learned about how Chinese philosophy is behind ancient architectures.” said Bread, a student from Pusan National University.  

After the Chinese Culture lecture, they had an exchange of each other’s cultures. Delegates from Angola, Aus tralia, Hong Kong (China), Ireland, Korea, Russia, and Thailand shared their own cultures. They introduced attractions, food, architecture, and featured cultures in their countries and cities.


At 7:00p.m., the foreign students & Chinese partners went to the beach. In different groups, they played beach volleyball, running crab and ball-passing games.

Through culture lectures and beach games, the International Summer School gave foreign and Chinese students an opportunity to know about each other’s cultures and now have a deeper friendship with people from different countries.