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The 2017 HITWH International Summer School on Land-Sky-Ocean Opens on July 14th
Author: 佚名 | release date: 2017-07-15 |click rate: 264

July 14, 2017 | By Zhang Yahong and Gao Yang | Edited by She Jiajie

The 2nd HITWH International Summer School on Land-Sky-Ocean (ISSLASO) was launched at the university student activity center on July14. This year the HITWH-ISSLASO will be held from July 14 to 19. The opening ceremony began at 9:00 am. President Xu Xiaofei,professors from different schools and departments of HITWH, foreign scholars, students from 14 foreign countries and the Chinese student representatives attended the ceremony. With the topic of Land-Sky-Ocean, the 2nd summer school is designed for students from all around the world to experience the splendid Chinese culture as well as enhance the cultural exchanges.

Professor Xu Xiaofei, Vice President of HIT, President of HIT, Weihai, addressed the opening ceremony and declared the summer school open. He gave all the participants a warm welcome and explained the aim of this program. He also encouraged students from HITWH to go abroad to experience the cultural differences and broaden their vision. President Xu asked students to take full advantage of internet to improve their studies. He also talked about the achievements of the first international summer school and hoped that students could learn from this year’s activities.

Mr. Wei Yicheng, the representative of Chinese delegates, gave a speech followed. He reviewed the experience of attending summer school last year and found that he benefits a lot from this program. He hoped that all Chinese delegates could enjoy the time and fulfill themselves. As the representative of foreign delegates, Tobias Pearce from Australian Maritime College expressed his expectations of this summer school and gratitude of having the chance to experience different cultures. Mr. Zhang Haoxuan, organization committee member gave a detailed explanation for the activities and said that every staff and volunteer would spare no effort in providing good services to ensure the activity goes well.

After the opening ceremony, President Xu Xiaofei gave foreign students the first seminar about HIT and HIT, Weihai. He explained the idea of one university, three campuses, using data and pictures to introduce the history, development, scale, HIT achievements and rankings, international cooperation, undergraduate education and future plan of HIT, Weihai. This lecture made participants know better about HIT.

       In the afternoon, all the foreign and Chinese delegates gathered together to watch the show of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and listened to the introduction of UAV in HIT, Weihai. They also visited 3D Printing Technology Laboratory and using 3D printing pen to draw glasses, butterflies and so on. The show of BAJA caught everyone’s attention and the seminar on HRT Motorcade Techniques gave more details about vehicles to participants. The tour to HIT Museum has given participants a broad understanding of the development of HIT since its foundation and comprehensively demonstrated the unique culture of HIT.At the welcome reception held in the evening. Dr. Dong Ke, Deputy Director of International Office, gave a warm welcome to foreign delegates and introduced the activities of summer school.

The International Summer School on Land-Sky-Ocean(HITWH-ISSLASO ) is an important step in promoting the development of international communication at HIT, Weihai. It is dedicated to cultural communications and offering an opportunity to know each other from a global cultural perspective. It will strive to become a supportive platform for the mutual exchange of Chinese and foreign students.