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President Xu Meets Delegation from University of Bordeaux
Author: 佚名 | release date: 2017-06-05 |click rate: 291

April 21, 2017 | Reported by Wei Haiyan and Li Chunshan | Translated by Ye Hui | Edited by She Jiajie

Prof. David Chen, Chief of cooperation program between University of Bordeaux and HITWH, and Dr. Gregory Zacharewicz visited HITWH on April 19th. Prof. Xu Xiaofei, Vice President of Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), and President of Harbin Institute of Technology, Weihai (HITWH), met the delegation from University of Bordeaux at No.1 Conference Room in the Main Building. The two sides discussed joint student-cultivation program, research collaboration, exchange of visits of teachers and students, etc. Also present were Prof. Chu Dianhui, Dean of the School of Computer Science and Technology, teacher representatives and staff of HITWH International Office.

Following the promo of HITWH, President Xu introduced HITWH’s achievements in recent years concerning the construction of key disciplines such as Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Automotive Engineering and Information and Electrical Engineering, the building of scientific research teams, the establishment of HIT-Weihai Innovation Park (HIT-WHIP), as well as the achievements of HITWH in international education and the achievements of students in entrepreneurial and innovative events. President Xu also explained his vision on the reform of talent cultivation system and the construction of emerging engineering against the backdrop of an increasing demand for emerging engineering professionals. He expected the two universities could carry out comprehensive cooperation on talent cultivation, scientific research, etc.

Prof. David Chen introduced the standing and influence of University of Bordeaux in the field of education in France. He expected the two sides could strengthen cooperation in undergraduate programs as well as deepen academic collaboration.

HITWH has carried out the “3+1+1” bachelor and master degree program with University of Bordeaux since 2016. Students participating in “3+1+1” program are required to finish a three-year undergraduate study at HITWH. They will spend their fourth year finishing their graduation project and the first-year graduate course at HITWH. Qualified students will be conferred Bachelors Degree by HITWH and then spend an additional year on postgraduate study at University of Bordeaux for the Masters Degree of University of Bordeaux. Four students from HITWH will take part in the program this year.

The two sides conducted in-depth discussions exploring possibilities of extending the “3+1+1” bachelor and master degree program into more disciplines, enhancing the exchanges of teachers, promoting cooperation on scientific researches and facilitating the building of Sino-foreign joint education organizations.

During their stay in Weihai, the Bordeaux delegation also visited the Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, the 3D Printing Innovation Laboratory, the UAV Innovation Laboratory and Innovation Laboratory of HITWH Racing Team, and gave a lecture on studying at University of Bordeaux.