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Dean of HIT-ISOSE Gives Report to HITWH Students
Author: 佚名 | release date: 2017-06-05 |click rate: 252

April 14, 2017 | Reported by Zou Deqiao | Translated by Zeng Jiahao | Edited by Li Han

On April 13, Professor Atilla Incecik, Vice President of University of Strathclyde and Dean of International School of Ocean Science and Engineering (HIT-ISOSE) gave a report entitled “Global Marine Technology Trends and Talents' Globalization”. During the report, Professor Incecik analyzed the opportunities and challenges facing majors related to Marine science and Engineering next decade and the development trend of marine technology under the internationalization background. Also present were Professors He Guanghua and Jiang Jie (Vice Deans of HIT-ISOSE) and Professor Li Huijing (Assistant Dean of HIT-ISOSE).

Professor Incecik introduced the latest updates in marine technology such as unmanned navigation system, smart ship, ship-building technology and its development trend in 2030. He pointed out that students today were fortunate to enjoy a host of favorable conditions, such as the global development and utilization of marine resources, Chinas endeavors in planning and developing Maritime Silk Road and the rapid advancement in various technologies, all of which had offered additional opportunities for students professional development. Professor Incecik suggested that student s should seize the opportunities to broaden their minds and horizons and conduct inter-disciplinary studies and researches. 

Professor Incecik also introduced HIT-ISOSE to students. He hoped students could make good use of this platform and become innovative talents with international vision and competitiveness.

At last, Professor Incecik answered students’ questions on marine resources, big data, ship-building technology and marine space.