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President and Officials of Centrale Nantes Visit HITWH
Author: 佚名 | release date: 2017-05-09 |click rate: 307

April 20, 2017 | By Wei Haiyan |  Translated by Xu Fengjing | Edited by She Jiajie

Professor Arnold Poitou (President of Centrale Nantes), Professor Fuard Bennis (Vice President of Centrale Nantes), Professor Anne Fredmonti (Manager of International Cooperation), Ms. Xu Yan and Ms. Li Chunlai (China-France Program Office) visited HITWH on April 19. Professor Xu Xiaofei, Vice-President of HIT and President of HITWH, met the visitors at the NO.2 Conference Room in the main building. During the meeting, the two sides shared their opinions on International School construction, research collaboration and so on.

Following the promo of HITWH, President Xu introduced the standing and influence of HIT in the field of engineering. He focused on the key disciplines of naval architecture and ocean engineering, the construction of distinctive research groups, the construction of HIT-Weihai Innovation Park (HIT-WHIP), the achievements scored by students innovative and entrepreneurial activities, and the progress in international education. He also elaborated on the opportunities and challenges in terms of international education and discipline construction in emerging engineering construction.

Professor Arnold Poitou briefly introduced Centrale Nantes, which, established in 1919, is a member of the renowned GROUPE DES ECOLES CENTRALES, a member of French Elite Institutions, and also the largest comprehensive polytechnic institution in the western region of France. In 2015, Centrale ranked the fifth among the top hundred elite polytechnic institutions in France, covering five disciplines: Applied Mechanics, Automation, Civil Engineering, Environment and Marine Engineering. It maintains frequent exchanges and cooperation with other famous polytechnic institutions all over the world, and jointly initiates dual-masters programs with many colleges and universities. Professor Arnold Poitou stressed that Centrale Nantes maintained close cooperation with HITWH in terms of student cultivation and he expected further cooperation in a more comprehensive manner, such as International School construction, faculty exchanges, research collaboration and so on.

HITWH has been carrying out the 3+1+2 bachelor plus master consecutive program with Centrale Nantes since 2016. Participating students will spend the first three years studying at HITWH and then study for another year at Centrale Nantes taking specialized courses, language and management courses, case studies and graduation project to acquire completion certificate and diploma issued by HITWH. After that, students will study at Centrale Nantes for two years and will be conferred master’s degree by Centrale Nantes once qualified. In 2016, four students in HITWH went to study in Centrale Nantes, followed by another twelve students this year.

During the meeting, the two sides explored the possibilities of covering more majors in the 3+1+2 bachelor plus master consecutive program, strengthening mutual visits and exchanges among teachers, promoting research collaborations, and jointly constructing the International School.

During the visit, Professor Arnold Poitou and other officials also visited the HIT Racing Team Innovation Laboratory, HIT UAV Innovation Laboratory, Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory on Advanced Welding Technology of Special Materials, New Energy Electric Vehicle Technology Laboratory and Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering Optoelectronic Equipment Laboratory.