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Professor Atilla Incecik Delivers Work Report of HIT-ISOSE to President Xu
Author: 佚名 | release date: 2017-05-02 |click rate: 196

April 10, 2017 | Translated by Tan Hui ping | Edited by Xu Xilin

On April 5, Professor Atilla Incecik (Dean of International School of Ocean Science and Engineering [HIT-ISOSE], Dean of School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, and Vice President of University of Strathclyde) reported recent work of HIT-ISOSE to President Xu Xiaofei at NO.1 Conference Room. Also Present were Vice-President Zhong Shisheng, Professor Wang Dazheng (Consultant of HIT-ISOSE), Vice Deans He Guanghua and Jiang Jie, Assistant Dean Li Huijing, and Professor Dong Ke (Deputy Director of International Office).

Professor Atilla Incecik first introduced the development and problems of HIT-ISOSE in past three months. Then he elaborated on major tasks such as the smooth transition of courses and the transfer of credits between Pusan National University and HITWH, the recruitment part-time overseas PhD supervisors, the application for Shandong Provincial Double-Hundred Talent Plan, the interviews of the first batch of student for school selection, the 2017 enrollment plan, faculty expansion, etc.

President Xu fully acknowledged the efforts made by HIT-ISOSE and expected HIT-ISOSE to achieve more substantive progress and fruitful outcomes under the leadership of Professor Incecik. He stressed on recent priorities of HIT-ISOSE such as attracting talented students, applying for the approval of Sino-foreign joint education organization from the MOE, preparing for the third session of International Symposium on Ocean Science and Technology and paying close attention to Shandong Provincial Double-Hundred Talent Plan and the programs proposed by the State Foreign Experts Bureau. President Xu also had a detailed discussion with Professor Incecik on the application with University of Strathclyde for Sino-foreign joint education organization as well as the feasibility of various school-running models.