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Professor Nigel Langford of University of Strathclyde visits HITWH
Author: 佚名 | release date: 2017-05-02 |click rate: 147

April 18, 2017 | Reported by Wei Haiyan | Translated by Zhang Tao | Edited by Li Han

On April 17, Professor Xu Xiaofei, Vice President of HIT and President of HITWH, met Professor Nigel Langford, Associate Dean of the Department of Science, University of Strathclyde. The two sides had an in-depth discussion on joint cultivation of students, scientific research cooperation and other areas. Professor Yi Xiaodong, Associate Dean of the School of Science and Dean of the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, together with teacher representatives from the School of Science and officials of International Office, attended the meeting.

President Xu introduced the standing and influences of HIT in Engineering field, and elaborated on the progress HITWH had made in various fields, such as constructing key disciplines, namely naval architecture and ocean engineering, building key scientific research teams, establishing HITWH Innovation Park, promoting student innovation and entrepreneurship, and developing internationalized education. He stressed that HITWHattaches great importance to the international cooperation and exchanges of teachers and strongly encourages teachers to study, visit and conduct scientific researchin overseas colleges and universities so as to help teachers to form an international vision and further enhance their competence.

Professor Nigel Langford introduced the Department of Mathematics & Statistics and the Department of Physics of University of Strathclyde. He mentioned that University of Strathclyde puts emphasis on the integration of different disciplines and the close contact between school and industry. Computational Mathematics, as a science that involves different disciplines, could be used in combination with other disciplines to resolve scientific research challenges. The Department of Physics puts great emphasis on its combination with industries and had great strength in the studies of laser and optoelectronics and had made outstanding achievements in preparation of products.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed on how to strengthen the exchanges between teachers of the two universities and how to deepen cooperation in joint education for students. Professor Nigel Langford also gave a presentation to students of related majors and answered their questions on studying in the UK.