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HITWH Takes Six Places in Provincial Innovation Platform Project List
Author: 佚名 | release date: 2017-04-24 |click rate: 124

April 6, 2017 | Reported by Zhang Yuqin | Translated by Xu Fengjing

Four laboratories and two research centers of HITWH have been listed by Shandong Provincial Education Department among the Provincial Innovation Platform Projects for Higher Education Institutions during the 13th Five-year Development Stage.

 “Lab of Ocean Exploration and Sensing, Lab of Cyberspace Safety, Lab of New Material and Products for Military and Civil Purposes and “Lab of Civil Engineering Structures and Disaster Prevention” were included in the Key Laboratory Project List. “Research and Development Base of Fishery Management Based on Ocean Big Data” and “Research Center for Marine Ecological Civilization and Development of Sci-tech and Society were in the Humanity and Social Science Research Platform Project List.

The selection of Key Laboratories and Humanistic and Social Science Research Platforms is open to all colleges and universities in Shandong province, with the Engineering Technology Research Centers open to all higher vocational institutions and specialized colleges. A total of 167 key laboratories, 51 engineering technology research centers and 76 humanistic and social science research platforms in colleges and universities across Shandong Province have been approved after being recommended by universities and further reviewed by the expert panel.