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HITWH Enters Baixiao League of Zhongguancun Special Talent Zone
Author: 佚名 | release date: 2017-04-10 |click rate: 466

March 23, 2017∣Reported by Student Affairs Office∣Translated by Kang Yuanyuan∣Edited by Xu Xilin

On March 18, the opening ceremony of Zhongguancun Special Talent Zone Baixiao League (100-School League for University Student Employment and Entrepreneurship) was held at Zhongguancun Human Resource Market. HITWH was among the first batch of selected members of Baixiao League. Deputy Director Yang Junmin of HITWH Student Affairs Office attended the ceremony, together with representatives from 50-or-so member universities, government officials from the Chinese Ministry of Education, the CPC Standing Committee of Haidian District, the Organization Department of Beijing CPC Committee, as well as representatives from more than 20 different institutes and enterprises.

Following the opening ceremony was the official launch of the 2nd Zhongguancun Science Park Makers Competition, which will last 5 months involving more than 80 member universities of the League as well as over 3000 venture projects, over 40 institutional investors and over 20 incubators.

HITWHs entry into Baixiao League will promote the employment of HITWH students and the innovation and entrepreneurship endeavor of the University at large. Next HITWH will strive to enhance student employment via internship bases and the League, and establish the joint cultivation of innovation and entrepreneurship talents through the Makers Competition and integrated entrepreneurial team training. This will contribute to the construction of a first-rate platform of high-end human resource exchanges for HITWH.