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HITWH Holds Symposium on Welding Innovation Platform
Author: 佚名 | release date: 2017-04-10 |click rate: 187

March 23, 2017 | Reported by Wei Haiyan | Translated by Liu Zhanpeng | Edited by Xu Xilin

On March 22, the Innovation Research Symposium on Welding Innovation Platform was held at HITWHs No.2 Conference Room. The symposium was hosted by the Welding Society of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES) and co-organized by HIT State Key Laboratory of Advanced Welding and Connection and the Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Special Welding Technology. More than 60 experts and scholars from various universities and research institutes, including Tsinghua University, HIT and Peking University of Technology (PUT), gathered together to discuss the development of the Welding Society, the construction of the Welding Innovation Platform and further academic exchanges. The symposium was presided by Professor Feng Jicai, Vice-Chairmen of the board of the Welding Society and Director of HIT State Key Laboratory of Advanced Welding and Connection. Professor Zhao Hongyun, Dean of the School of Material Science and Engineering, and the Schools teachers and student representatives were also present at the Symposium, along with Members of the Welding Societys Youth Work Committee.

Professor Xu Xiaofei, Vice President of HIT and President of HITWH, addressed the symposium and warmly welcomed the representatives. He introduced the establishment and development of HITWH, its current enrollment, disciplinary features and research areas. His speech focused on HITWH’s “1-2-3-3” Guiding Principle and the last developments in the preparation work of HITWH Innovation Park (HIT-WHIP).

Professor Chen Qiang, Chairman of the board of the Welding Society and Executive Vice President of the Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, emphasized that the development of welding and the cultivation of welding talents is of great significance to the development of manufacturing industry. He then introduced the objectives and significance of the establishment of the Welding Innovation Platform. Zhang Yanmin, Vice-Chairmaof the board of CMES, introduced the background and purpose of the establishment of the Welding Innovation Platform, hoping the Welding Society and the Welding Innovation Platform would continue to make full use of its advantages and play a greater part in young researchers innovative work and welding talent cultivation.

Professor Li Xiaoyan of PUT, Deputy Secretary-General of the Welding Society gave a comprehensive introduction to the operation of the Welding Innovation Platform, including the basis of operation, the application procedure and the solicitation and review processes of the 2016 innovation projects. He then announced the list of projects  funded by the Welding Innovation Platform 2016 Program.

The projects of Professor Chen Shujun (Peking University of Technology), Aeronautical Materials Researcher Xiong Huaping (Aviation Industry Corporation of China) and Dr. Hu Yanying (HIT) were selected by the Platform, each receiving a funding of 150,000 RMB. The three scholars all shared with the Symposium their ideas on the project as well as the progress and achievements made so far. Associate Professor Song Xiaoguo of HITWHs School of Materials Science and Engineering introduced the research areas, major work and major achievements of Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Special Welding Technology.

In the afternoon, the representatives exchanged their views on "welding innovation", elaborating in depth on the developmental demands and future trends of welding, the cultivation and sustainable development of welding research talents, and the direction and problems of welding innovation. The discussion was followed by a visit to Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Special Welding Technology.