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Competition Notice | The 2nd HITWH Entrepreneurship Competition and the 2nd Zhongguancun Science Park Makers Competition
Author: 佚名 | release date: 2017-04-10 |click rate: 206

March 25, 2017 | Reported by Youth Entrepreneurship Association | Translated by Ji Xuejun | Edited by Xu Xilin

The 2nd HITWH Entrepreneurship Competition and the 2nd Zhongguancun Science Park Makers Competition is to be organized by the HITWH Student Affairs Office. The competition is aimed at cultivating entrepreneurship among students and enhancing their ability to initiate and operate their own business. The winning team will be able to compete in the 2nd Zhongguancun Science Park Makers Competition in Beijing.

About the competition:

1. Entry Requirements

Participants can team up at will and propose a product or service with market prospect, based on research and market surveys, in the form of a complete, concrete and in-depth business plan to bring the product or service to market. The proposal, either a practical and producible product/service or a R&D-feasible concept, must be the result of participants independent work. Plagiarism of any form is strictly forbidden and leads to disqualification.

2. Time & Location


Time: From April 8 to April 9, 2017

Location: Entrepreneurship Training Room, Creative Venture Base, 1st Floor of N Building


Time: April 22, 2017

Location: Multi-function Hall, Students Activity Center

3. Award Setting

The 1st Prize: 3,000RMB (1 team)

The 2nd Prize: 2,000RMB per team (3 teams)

The 3rd Prize: 1,000 RMB per team (5 teams)

Honorable Mention: 500RMB per team (10 teams)

4. How to Sign Up

Sign up by 12:00 p.m., April 1, 2017 through one of the following channels:

(1) Acquire and submit application form at the various billboards throughout campus as well as the Creative Venture Base office (open during 8:00-11:30 a.m., 14:00-17:30 p.m.).

(2) Send Wang (Tel.18106316901) the information (School / Department+Major+Student ID+Name+ Personal contact) of team leader and members via text message.

(3) Download the application form at Youth Entrepreneurship Associations WeChat platform (hitwhqc) or the Competitions QQ group (499844815), fill out the form and send it to QQ 714273822.

For more information:

QQ group: 499844815

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QQ: 978729116

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