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HITWH Launches iResearch Workshop
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iResearch Workshop, organized by the Discipline Service Department of HITWH Library, will start on March 23rd. Aiming at assisting students in their academic writing, this workshop will focus on the use of relevant professional software and academic database.

Time: 7:00pm on every Thursday since March 23

Venue: H306


The 48th Lecture: Advanced Application of Microsoft Word

About the lecture:

This lecture will introduce how to use Microsoft Word to efficiently typeset the paper and ensure a correct format.

Speaker: She Xinyuan

Time: 7:00pm, March 23 (Thursday)

Lecture Overview:

1. An introduction to HITWH’s paper-writing requirements

2. Reference requirements

3. Writing methods

4. Microsoft Word skills

The 49th Lecture: The Application of MATLAB  

About the lecture:

This lecture will focus on MATLAB (matrix laboratory, a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and fourth-generation programming language) commands and functions of drawing and graphic operation. As a popular and powerful mathematic software, MATLAB can be used in algorithm development, data visualization and so on. In datagraphic representation, MATLAB provides extremely abundant drawing functions which can be used in data analysis and datapraphic representation.

Speaker: Li Qing

Time: 7:00pm, March 30th (Thursday)

Lecture Overview:

1. MATLAB drawing window and operation

2. 2D drawing examples

3. 3D drawing examples

The 50th Lecture: The Use of CNKI

About the lecture:

This lecture will introduce how to use CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure) to retrieve important information from a broad database.

Speaker: Zhang Xiaomiao

Time: 7:00pm, April 6th (Thursday)

Lecture Overview:

1. Introduction on how to use CNKI to search, download and analyze needed literature

2. Introduction on the use of CNKI database in paper writing

The 51st lecture: The Use of IEEE + Springer

About the lecture:

This lecture will introduce how to use IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and Springer databases to optimal effects and how to search foreign literatures more efficiently.

Speaker: Mao Hongyan

Time: 7:00pm, April 13th (Thursday)

Lecture Overview:

1. Contents of IEEE and Springer databases

2. How to retrieve information from IEEE and Springer databases

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