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Wind Rises, Dream Sails
Author: Guo-wei Hua | release date: 2016-01-17 |click rate: 515

    Harbin Institute of Technology UAV Innovation Lab & HIT – Micro Multi-copter Aviation United Laboratory, is a platform for excavating innovative talents for aviation industry and defense reserve forces, and testing innovation works. 



    since its establishment, in the spirit of innovation, and with the purpose of personnel training, the laboratory has dedicated to UAV autonomous flight technologies and UAV-based development with high mobility, high reliability, high intelligence monitoring platform, provided solutions for fire, police, electricity, agriculture and industry in the field of aerial photography, and cultivated high-quality talents in the field of UAV technology for HITWH.

    In October, 2015, the members of the lab, Chen Yuwen, Zhang Rui, Huang Longrui, and Qian Xing, who built "HIT-MMC Team", participated in the 2015 CADC Competition (China Aeromodelling Design Challenge). They highlighted the "ground reconnaissance" project and won the national prize. Their outstanding achievements in the new race and showed the excellence of HIT students.