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Students of Our College Achieved Splendor in the Fourth National Marine Aircraft Design and Production Competition
Author: Wei-hua Guo | release date: 2016-01-17 |click rate: 504

    From August 7 to August 9, the Fourth National Marine Aircraft Design and Production Competition, hosted by the Chinese Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation and China State Shipbuilding Corporation, undertaken by the Ocean University of China held in Laoshan campus of Ocean University of China with a total of 29 universities, 584 contestants from 339 teams. The competition contains six parts: Creative and Design, Design and Production, Ship Model Intelligent Navigation, Appearance Model Simulation of Well-known Ships, Ship Model Races and Sailing Ship Models.



    The competition is among the highest level and the largest coverage in the field of ship and ocean engineering in our country. As one of the universities create the competition, we have participated in the four consecutive terms, and the number, quality and award of entries has made a breakthrough. After the early stage of two selections and several times of debugging, we finally selected 17 pieces of entries and eventually won two grand prizes, four first prizes and four second prizes. In recent years, the event attracted more and more students, which has provided a platform of shipping and related subjects as well as stimulated the students' imagination and creativity.



    After 2 days of the competition, group reply, presentation, underwater demonstration and other competition elements made our team stand out from the rest. Telescopic Floating Island Runway Type Base won the grand prize of Creative and Design category by Huan Hu, etc; after two days of competition Peng wang’s work Walking Show passed eight photoelectric doors in the shortest time and won the grand prize in Ship Model Intelligent Navigation category and this is also the first time we got such prize in this category, at the same time we also won one first prize and one second prize; As the new category in the sailing competition, the Sailing Ship Models in which the Swordfish by Jie Cao won the first prize as No.3; In addition, the works by Xiao Dong, Yu-zhe Ding, Yong-sheng Yang, Cheng-yu Yang and Ke-tian Li won two second prizes in Creative and Design, respectively, one first prize and one second prize in Design and Production and one second prize in Appearance Model Simulation respectively. Team members could keep cool, study assiduously, and dare practice in the process of competition and work together to play the proper competition. All these show the spirit of development, innovations, daring to practice and collaboration. Let's meet next year in Jiangsu University of Science and Technology and common concern the fifth National Marine Aircraft Design and Production Competition.