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Notice of Planning and Scheduling of 2016 Winter Holiday
Author: Wei-hua Guo | release date: 2016-01-17 |click rate: 482

    According to the arrangement of the college, the 2016 winter holiday arrangements are as follows:
    Students are on holiday from January 16, 2016 (Saturday) to February 26(Friday), and should register on February27 (Saturday) and February 28th (Sunday) and have class on February 29 (Monday).

     Faculties are on holiday from January 16, 2016 (Saturday) to January 16(Saturday),and work on February 17,(Sunday) as usual. Jan. 18 (Monday) is on the holiday and February 27(Saturday) and February 28th (Sunday) work.

    During the holidays, each unit should make proper arrangements on duty and security work, in case of major events occurred, according to the report provides timely and proper disposal, to ensure that the people's peaceful through holiday. College is always on duty in H building, room 116, Tel 5687346. If need print, please Please apply for relevant formalities in advance, and the school office is on duty from 9:00am to 11:00am every Monday.

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Jan.14, 2016