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College Participating in Two Projects and Won the First-class 2015 Annual National Scientific and Technological Progress Award
Author: Wei-hua Guo | release date: 2016-01-17 |click rate: 464

    2015 national science and technology awards conference held in Beijing on January 8. Two research achievements conducted by Longjun Xu, Zi-long Ma and Chang-jun Yu won the first-class 2015 annual national science and technology progress award.

    Winning the first prize in national science and technology progress, the project, “Building structure based on the characteristic of seismic design theory, methods and application” is led by academician Li-li Xie and professor Long-jun Xu from department of civil engineering made an important contribution. The achievement pioneered the most unfavorable design based on the strong ground motion theory design spectrum of uniform design theory and probability theory of seismic fortification, and obtained the original achievements from the earthquake engineering theories and engineering practice.

    Earthquake disaster prevention is the important measure for the sustainable development of social economy in our country, based on the characteristic of seismic design is the key technology of effectively improving the capacity of civil engineering seismic structure. Based on the characteristic of seismic design breaks through the limitations of traditional seismic design which is in order to ensure the safety of life, aimed to effectively control the casualties and economic loss, and the security of structure function, represented the development direction of seismic design theory, and has the important role to ensure the security of the building structure seismic and civil engineering to protect against and mitigating earthquake disasters. But based on the characteristic of seismic design is only a kind of idea, to solve the problem need a lot of science and engineering breakthroughs including: determining the seismic design levels and characteristic target under multi-probability conditions, understanding the theory and method of design seismic damage and reducing the uncertainty of seismic design spectrum, and ensuring all kinds of earthquake-resistance design method and implementation technology. To overcome these difficulties, team of academician, Li-li Xie, after 20 years of research and practice, creates the seismic design theory and technology system of structure based on the characteristic, and promotes the establishment of related technical standard preparation and the practical application of based on the characteristic of seismic theory in the in engineering.


     Project has published four monographs, 188 papers, among which SCI/EI has collected 136 articles, and cultivated more than 50 masters/doctoral, obtained two first-prize of provincial scientific and technological progress, edited three seismic design standards, drafted corporately 5 and provided technical support for 4. The General Principles of the Building Structural Earthquake Resistance Design, China’s first book based on the characteristic of the general principles of the Seismic Design Standards (CECS160:2004), supports and promotes The Building Structure Seismic Design Specification (GB50011-2010) and other 11 national and industry standards, leading the edit for seismic design based on the characteristic and is known of the model code or the standard specification by the industry.

    Research has been widely used in all kinds of major seismic design of complex engineering and provides the theoretical and technical support for improving our country's engineering structure of earthquake disaster reduction ability and promotes the development of seismic technology in China, which also brings a certain social and economic benefit. The achievements have already been applied in the restoration and reconstruction of the Wenchuan earthquake.

    Professor Long-jun Xu entered into the team of academician Li-li Xie in 2001, and had been engaged in the design seismic theory methods and engineering application research in the past 15 years. He pioneered the idea of dual-track prospective response spectrum and unified design spectrum theory, developed and perfected a set of a system to solve all kinds uncertainty of seismic design theory and method of engineering structures and solved several key problems needed to be resolved of the seismic design of building structure based on the characteristic, and caught the attention of the international recognition. At the end of 2014, as one of 10 cooperators invited from international communities took part in the project supported by Major Program of the National Natural Science Foundation of the United States Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (NHERI) -Calculation Model and Simulation Center (CMSC) 2015-2015 project, and now he is engaged in cooperative research the University of Illinois-Urbana Campaign in the United States. In addition, The Building Engineering Seismic Design Specification of Shandong province conducted by professor Long-jun Xu has passed the expert review, and is expected to be enacted in Shandong province in the near future.

    Another project winning the first prize to the national scientific and technological progress is led by academician Yong-Tan Liu, professor Zi-long Ma and professor Chang-jun Yu from the school of information and electrical engineering made important contribution to the research for the project.