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Six Projects Led by Harbin Institute of Technology Won the National Science and Technology Award
Author: Wei-hua Guo | release date: 2016-01-08 |click rate: 307

     Newspaper of Harbin Institute of Technology reported on the morning of January 8, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council held the 2015 National Science and Technology Awards Conference in Beijing Great Hall. The party and state leaders Jin-ping Xi, Ke-qiang Li, Yun-shan liu and Gao-li Zhang attended the conference and presented the awards to the representatives. Prime Minister Li spoke at the conference.
    12 scientific and technological achievements of our college won the 2015 national science awards, and 6 of them completed and led by us as the first unit, ranked among the top universities. Project led by academician, Yong-Tan Liu  won the first price; Intelligent polymer active deformation mechanism and mechanical behavior of the composite material led by professor Jing-song Leng, Constrained parametric design theory and application of the control system led by professor Guang-ren Duan won the second prize of national natural science; one project led by professor Hong Liu, High temperature resistant hybrid silicone resin and its composites preparation of key technologies led by professor Yu-dong Huang and High performance center for powder vortex pulverized coal combustion technology led by professor Zheng-qi Li won the second prize of national technical invention. There are another six projects we participated in won national awards.


(Article poster: Yu-qin Zhang)