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Campus Signed a Cooperation Agreement
Author: Wei-hua Guo | release date: 2015-12-22 |click rate: 402

   In the morning on December 21, Xiao-fei Xu, the vice President of HIT and principal of Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai) had a discussion with professor Atilla Incecik, the dean of School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering and vice president of University of Strathclyde in 1 conference room and signed the agreements of “2 + 2, “3 + 1 + 1” project between two colleges in the field of ocean engineering and marine engineering for undergraduates. The vice principal Shi-You Qu, related officials from School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, School of Marine Science and Technology and Office of International Cooperation attended the talks.



    During the discussion, Xiao-fei Xu and professor Atilla talked in details on the joint training projects and the establishment of international college for undergraduates. They cleared about the requirements on form of school running, faculties and curriculum system of Ministry of Education, and the two sides will continue to promote cooperation projects according to the new requirements. Then Professor Guang-hua He from School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering reported on campus, a professor in the school of ship and ocean engineering disciplines reported the thirteenth five-year development plan and discussed together with Xiao-fei Xu and Professor Attila on development and measurements of the next five years.
    As the dean of School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Professor Attila reported recent progresses to Principal Xu, including School’s English website construction, joint application research projects, recruitment of international talent, etc. The principal appreciated the efficient work of Professor Attila and thanked to his hard work and support for the development of college. He looked forward to the leap development in the thirtieth five-year plan under the leadership of Professor Attila. 


 (Reporter: Hai-yan Wei   Correspondent: Wei-hua Guo  Image/Text)
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