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About Harbin Institute of Technology


Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) was founded in 1920. Since nearly one hundred years, HIT has become an internationally renowned research university with science and engineering as its core. Since 1950s, HIT has been one of national key universities in China. Especially, in 1999, HIT became one of the first batch top 9 key universities involved in Project 985 of Ministry of Education in China, known as the C9 League later on, which means Chinese top nine universities. Now, HIT owns three campuses, i.e. Harbin campus in Heilongjiang Province, Weihai campus in Shandong Province and Shenzhen campus in Guangdong Province. This is called as “one university, three campuses”.


With the highlights on science, engineering and astronautics, HIT has developed into a top university in China and a famous university in the world. In HIT, 9 first-class disciplines belong to national key disciplines, 10 disciplines are ranked in top five and 19 are ranked in top ten in China. The number of national key disciplines and top disciplines related to engineering in HIT ranks No. 2 in all of China. In 2016 & 2017, HIT is ranked 7th in US News’ Best Global Universities for Engineering, and 9th in the Academic Ranking of World Universities for engineering in the world. According to ESI (Essential Science Indicators), 8 disciplines of HIT have entered into the list of the global top 1% of research institutes, including Material Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Environment & Ecology, Biology and Biochemistry. As a research-oriented university, HIT is consistently on the frontier of innovative scientific research. The research funding during the past 5 years totals over 11 billion RMB, with an annual growth over 5%. HIT has completed over one thousand large-scale national R&D projects, and made great contributions to China’s high-tech research and industrial development.


HIT owns about three thousand high quality faculty members, among whom there are 35 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. With the enculturation of university motto “Keeping strict standards for qualification, making every endeavor to perfect”, HIT has cultivated more than 300,000 students who have been well received by the employers and playing the role of backbone to the development of industry and society. A number of graduates have assumed leadership positions in Chinese governments, become academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, presidents of universities, great entrepreneurs or military generals. 


Statistics of HIT Harbin Campus


10 discipline categories / 22 academic schools / 87 undergraduate programs

9 national key first-class disciplines / 6 national key secondary disciplines

27 first-class disciplines for doctoral degrees / 81 doctoral programs / 24 post-doctoral research stations / 41 first-class disciplines for master’s degrees / 143 master programs

2,970 full-time faculty members / 35 academicians of CAS and CAE / 1,093 doctoral supervisors / 977 professors / 1,236 associate professors

53,292 full-time students / 16,266 undergraduates / 7,673 postgraduates / 5,232 doctoral candidates / 2,295 international students

8 national key laboratories / 4 national engineering research centers / 47 provincial and ministerial key laboratories

10 national experiment teaching demonstration centers / 13 provincial and ministerial experiment teaching demonstration centers / 5 national teaching and talent training bases

In 2015, HIT’s research funding exceeded 2.6 billion RMB. / Research funding during recent 5 years totals over 11 billion RMB, with an annual growth over 5%.


About Harbin Institute of Technology, Weihai


Harbin Institute of Technology, Weihai (HIT, Weihai) was set up in 1985, in a best livable coastal city, Weihai, as an important part of HIT’s “one university, three campuses”. The mission of HIT, Weihai is to keep HIT’s advantages, standards and good traditions, to develop international cooperation, to meet the demand of local economic development, and to emphasize marine science and ocean engineering.


HIT, Weihai now has 10 schools and 1 department, 10,466 undergraduate students, 542 master students, 110 Ph.D. candidates, 89 international students, and 861 staff members including 97 professors and 219 associate professors. HIT, Weihai provides 37 bachelor programs and shares HIT’s 22 master programs and 18 doctoral programs, with the same HIT educational standards. Complementing to the Harbin campus, HIT, Weihai has developed with the characteristic disciplines such as Marine Science and Ocean Engineering, Automotive Engineering, and the highlights in the domains of Advanced Manufacturing, Information Technology and Electric Engineering, Computer Science and Software Engineering, Material Science and Engineering.


HIT, Weihai has cultivated more than 30,000 students and undertaken over one thousand R&D projects. In addition to bone up on basic research, HIT, Weihai also makes major contribution to applied R&D and technology transformation for local economy and industry in Shandong Province.  


Looking ahead, HIT, Weihai aims to develop into a high level and special featured HIT campus to adapt to the world class university, to promote its own advancement by means of university-industry cooperation and international cooperation, and to emphasize the features of “One Blue (Ocean Economics), Two Smarts (Smart Manufacturing, and Smart City), Three Highlights (Ocean Engineering, Marine Science, and Automotive Engineering) and Three New Technologies (New Type Information Technology, New Type Materials, and New Type Energy).” In HIT, Weihai, the comprehensive education model is adopted to promote the level and quality of students’ cultivation, in order to meet the demand of new development of global economics and society for today and future.


Statistics about HIT, Weihai


 10 schools and 1 department

 37 undergraduate programs

 22 master programs

 18 doctoral programs shared with HIT, Harbin

 536 full-time faculty members

 97 professors

 10,446 undergraduate students

 542 postgraduate students

 122.7 hectares of campus

 448,200 m2 of building area

 124 million RMB research budget (2015)