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The Overview of International Cooperation and Exchanges

HIT, Weihai has been actively performing the strategy of internationalization, in order to improve the international and intercultural environment of education and to cultivate innovative talents with international competitiveness through a series of actions, including establishment of the International School of Ocean Science and Engineering, development of the high-level platforms for international cooperation on education and research. The “Student International Competence Enhancement Initiative” has been also performed for expending students’ international view, enhancing students’ international or cross-cultural communication ability, and creating chance for students to have more international experience.

International Partnership

HIT, Weihai has a wide-range of international partnership network with the world-wide famous universities for joint education of students. More than 60 international partner universities are distributed in American, European, Australian and Asian countries, including USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Russia, Sweden, Belgium, Netherland, Australia, Korea, Singapore, and Japan, etc.

Now, more than 80 international student exchange programs have been performed in HIT, Weihai, including joint bachelor programs, bachelor plus master consecutive programs, undergraduate semester exchange programs, CSC excellent undergraduate and graduate programs. Moreover, there are many short-term study-abroad programs, such as vacation credit programs, self-supported exchange programs, overseas social investigation programs, career practice programs, transfer study and summer schools, etc. Many students make use of those study-abroad platforms with diverse and beneficial programs to have opportunities to broaden their horizon and enhance their international competitiveness.

International Joint Programs & Student Exchange

In order to raise education level through integrating multi-cultural, multi-national education experiences and to educate international competitive students with cross-cultural background, HIT, Weihai has developed international joint programs and student exchange programs through cooperating with the world-class universities and industrial institutes.

HIT, Weihai has developed a flexible international system of X+Y and X+Y+1 joint programs, including 2+2, 3+1, 4+0 double Bachelor programs, 3+1+1, 4+1 bachelor plus master consecutive programs, and double master programs, etc. Based on the operation models of the X+Y joint undergraduate programs, the students will spend the first X years to study in HIT, Weihai and the following Y years to study in partner universities. The qualified graduates may obtain the bachelor’s degree of HIT, Weihai and the bachelor’s or master’s degree of the partner universities.

International School of Ocean Science and Engineering

HIT, Weihai has established the International School of Ocean Science and Engineering (HIT-ISOSE) in 2016. The purpose of the HIT-ISOSE is to cultivate innovative students with international competitiveness, to develop a world-class poly-technical discipline of ocean science and engineering, and to produce high-level research results, so as to promote the internationalization of HIT, Weihai into the world-class level.

The HIT-ISOSE has attracted world-wide famous universities in ocean engineering field to be partners or to support student education, including University of Strathclyde, Newcastle University in UK, Pusan National University in Korea, University of Tasmania in Australia, École Centrale de Nantes in France, University of Michigan in USA, etc. The HIT-ISOSE adopts diversified multi-national joint education programs for both undergraduate and graduate students. The students from China and overseas may join into the HIT-ISOSE. Professor Atilla Incecik from University of Strathclyde, a world-wide famous professor in ocean engineering field, is invited by HIT as the first dean of the school. A group of well-known professors are invited to join in or support the faculty team. The advanced programs, education model, curricula, quality standards from partner universities are introduced to develop an international education system.

International Student Education

In order to promote the globalization process, HIT, Weihai is striving to develop distinct overseas student cultivation and international student education programs. The international student management center is set up and the English-taught courses are developed. Even the new building of international student apartment will be completed soon, in order to attract more high quality international students to study in HIT, Weihai. The recruiting scale will be increased to 150 to 200 students every year for both degree study and Chinese language training. The international students do enjoy their study and life on the beautiful campus of HIT, Weihai.