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Foreign Teacher Life


  Voices transmit emotions, lights show styles. In order to demonstrate linguistic charm, to strengthen cultural atmosphere and welcome the campus anniversary, at seven o'clock in the evening on March 28, the Eighth Film Dubbing Competition host by School of Foreign Language and Literature was held at Room 101, G Building. As one of the Language Festival's activities aiming to welcome the thirtieth anniversary of Weihai campus, the contest brought a visual feast for the competitors and the audience.


  On the night of October 23, the first Korean language speech contest host by Korean Language Department, School of Foreign Language and Literature was held successfully in Room 102, G Building. Korean language teachers, Mr. Jin Hezhe, Mr. Park Changho, Mrs. Jin Jiaoling, Mr. Shan Guangyong, and Mrs. Huang Mingzi were invited to be judges, and 17 students participated in the competition. Competitors picked different topics, all with great capability. Here students competed with each other, learnt from each other and benefited a lot.

  October 18, at seven o'clock in the evening, School of Foreign Language and Literature opened its sixth "Oral English Storm" at Student Activity Center. As the annual brand activity of School of Foreign Language and Literature, "Oral English Storm" is to make students experience the joy of learning oral English. Fabulous programs and games stimulate students to learn spoken English. Activities were carried out in heated atmosphere, where everyone talked good wits and showed passion to the oral English.

    To foster high-level talents with international vision, improve our postgraduate’s English expression and application abilities, School of Foreign Language and Literature hosted the Second Postgraduates English Speech Contest. Twelve students who stood out from the first round competed in the final round in Room 202, G Building on December 23. Those who were invited as the judges included: Professor Song Yan from School of Materials Science and Engineering, Professor Han Dongping from School of Economics and Management, Professor Li Huijing from School of Marine Science and Technology, Professor Shi Guangxiao, Associate Professor Qi Guiqin, Mrs. Chen Ying, and foreign teacher Wayne from School of Foreign Language and Literature, Mr. Fang,Hannan from Postgraduate Division. Furthermore, tutors of 12 players were also visited to watch the game.

     To commemorate the 30th anniversary of HIT, Weihai, the 3rd Language Culture Festival host by School of Foreign Language and Literature was opened grandly on Walking Street on 21st March. The activity attracted thousands of students taking part in to enjoy the charm of linguistic culture and welcome the 30th birthday of alma mater.

  In the afternoon of September 17th, 9 students were conducted an oral English test, and 9 were identified to enter the next round interview by the university leading group. The test was carried out in a relaxing and joyful atmosphere and successfully completed, which created a good start to the work of supporting education.