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Staff Style

President Xu Xiaofei addressed at opening ceremony of the school sports meeting. His unique speech style and seductive baritone attracted students and teachers.

Associate professor Li Wenxue of the Department of Mathematics, whose easy humor and rigorous, pragmatic teaching style are favored by the students, which gives his affectionate nickname “Wenxue Ge”.


Two teachers were at the game.Their focusing on the game impressed the field audience.

Associate professor Jiang Wei of the Department of Mathematics and Dr. Liu Ronggang department of civil engineering. Their concentrations and rigorous language gathered all the attention of the students in the class.

Professor Qian Hongliang of the Department of Civil Engineering joined the torch relay of Incheon Asian games.

Assistant professor Zhang Jichun of Department of Automobile Engineering was studying 3D printers. With the popularity of 3D printing, drawing courses in the future can be printed out a tangible entity model directly according to the CAD data.

In the morning on December 21, the School of Economics and Management held the 2015 annul team inner-party democratic consultation meeting which was presided over by the school party committee secretary Chen Xiaonong.

Counselor CiYanYan of the School of Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) won the second prize of College counselors professional ability games of Shandong province .

Teacher Yang Yong of Department of Physical Education, known as "legend" is good at kung fu and taekwondo, etc.


The Department of Automobile Engineering was giving sessions of traditional Chinese medicine health care knowledge with the theme of "Focus on healthy and happy work".