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No.2, West Wenhua Road, High-tech District, Weihai, Shandong, China
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Hostel Introduction


※ Studying and Living Condition

The International Student Apartment in HIT, Weihai is located on the beautiful campus in Weihai by the mountains and the sea. It is famous for its lovely scenery, its temperate and comfortable climate. During spring and winter it is warm, but refreshing during summer and autumn. You can enjoy hearing the dulcet songs of birds and insects and appreciate the tides and sunset. The construction of the International Student Apartment will be completed in July, 2017. It is located at the north side of three connected buildings and there are more than 150 rooms in the six-story building. It offers double rooms and ABC suites (three single rooms inside). Each suite provides private bathrooms, shower facilities, air conditioner, table&chair, book shelf, single beds, telephone and Internet access etc. The dormitory is also furnished with an access control system to ensure the security of accommodation. Meanwhile, for the convenience of the students, additional apartment amenities include a sitting room, an activity room, a communal kitchen, a service room with a swiping-card washing machine and a water boiler. The building in the south, which is the Center for International Academic Exchanges, is furnished with a coffee bar, an International student's cafeteria, conference rooms and so on. Nearby are the library, the student activity center, the stadium, the canteen which are public service facilities accessible to international students. Other service facilities include the self-service bank, supermarkets, hospital, drugstores, bookstores, dry cleaners, optical shop along with others to make the college life considerably more convenient.


Accommodation Fees


Room Type

One Semester

(140 days)

Half A Year

(180 days)

One Year

Double  Room

4,500 RMB

per person

5,500 RMB

per person

10,000 RMB

 per person

Triple Room(ABC Suite)

4,900 RMB

per person

6,000 RMB

per person

11,000 RMB

per person