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No.2, West Wenhua Road, High-tech District, Weihai, Shandong, China
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Campus Life

It is very enjoyable and comfortable to live on the beautiful HIT, Weihai campus by the beach. There are beautiful buildings and gardens, museum and sports hall, grass and flowers, lakes and trees, beach and hill, etc. There are Chinese style, Korean style and Western style restaurants, and various delicious food. The conditions of student dormitory is quite good. The new building of international student apartment will be ready for international students. The student colleges have also been developed in HIT, Weihai, in which there are more than 80 student clubs. The students’ campus cultural and social life is very rich and vivid. Moreover, hundreds of student associations and clubs organize many student activities, i.e. scientific or cultural seminars and lectures, student’s parties, various interesting games and competition, exhibits of photos and gallery, performances or shows of campus songs, dance and poems, etc. These have created a rich cultural atmosphere with unique HIT flavor.


Innovation by Students

HIT, Weihai attaches great importance to the cultivation of students’ creativity, and has carried out extensive work on students’ technical innovation practices and entrepreneurship training. In recent years, the students in HIT, Weihai have won nearly 1,000 international, national or provincial awards in hundreds of students’ innovation competitions. Several students’ entrepreneurship projects are very successful. For example, the “Red Scarf” campus logistic team has worked on business of O2O (online to offline) food delivery services for more than 6 million students in more than 500 universities spreading over 100 cities in China. They have obtained more than 20 million USD venture fund and angel investment in 2015.

Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base

The HIT, Weihai Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base was officially founded in 2004, and recognized as the “Shandong Provincial Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base” in 2016. This base provides students with building space (8,000 M2), facilities, and various services for innovation and entrepreneurship projects, including training, maker space, dream factory, incubation, guiding and financing. Now, more than 80 innovation and entrepreneurship teams, and more than ten registered start-up companies are working in this base.